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Amethyst is a type of quartz that is often used as a semi-precious stone in jewelries. The name comes from a Greek term that means ‘not drunk’; referring to the belief that whoever wore this stone can be saved from negative effects of drinking. The Romans were known to make drinking vessels out of this stone with the certainty that it will prevent intoxication.


Amethyst is one of those precious stones that are found in versatile forms in various types of rocks. You’d be amazed to know that people have strong faith in the properties of this stone irrespective of the region. The color of amethyst can vary from pale violet to a very dark blue violet, with streaks and shades of grey and sometimes also red. Its color, which is often patchy, unevenly distributed, and most intense at the tip is what makes this stone an instant attraction.

Amethysts’ composition makes them extremely sensitive to sunlight. The ultra-violet rays from the sun can cause them to pale out; some stones suffer instant dullness while others may take some time before the changes set in. Even sunlight that filters through bedroom and living room windows can cause a lot of damage to the color of your stone. Although this can happen to almost all varieties of quartz, Amethyst is the weakest one in this regard. On the contrary, exposure to moonlight is believed to strengthen the healing properties and energy of Amethyst.

History and Myths Associated With Amethyst

Amethyst has enjoyed a special privilege in ancient civilizations. The Egyptian and British royal jewels contain a huge collection of costume jewelry incorporated with this stone. Moreover, it had a special significance for Christians, as the royal purple color symbolized Christ and bishops often wore Amethyst rings. Currently, the Smithsonian Institute is in possession of an Amethyst stone that weighs approximately 400 pounds!

Since the beginning of the Roman and Greek eras, Amethyst has been considered a stone of spirituality and also of major assistance in overcoming alcohol addiction. This claim is based on the Greek mythology of Amethyst, who refused the affections of Greek god Dionysus (god of wine and intoxication) and prayed to the gods to remain chaste. As a result of her prayers, goddess Diana turned her into a white stone and as a tribute to her chastity god Bacchus poured red wine over the stone, which dyed the crystals purple.


mined mineralBright colored Amethyst occurs in volcanic rocks while pale colored versions of these stones occur in igneous and metamorphic rocks. According to the paper published by Holden, there are five common places where this stone occurs:

1. In the intermediate depths of metalliferous ore veins

2. In plutonic igneous rocks that includes pegmatite and granite

3. Rocks formed by the deposition of gas bubbles in the holes of lava known as mafic volcanic rocks

4. In quartz veins

5. In alpine type veins usually accompanied with iron bearing minerals

Amethyst is commonly found all over the world but these areas are widely popular for the availability of this stone: Pakistan, Mexico, United States, Brazil, Italy, Africa, Russia, Germany, Canada and Madagascar. Currently Brazil and Uruguay are the most important producers of this gem.

The color of the stone may vary depending on the region it belongs to, but as mentioned earlier, they all share certain basic properties. However, the region of occurrence influences the monetary value of the stone subjected to its color and hue.

Healing Properties

It is believed that this stone soothes emotional transitions and calms outburst of anger that its wearer may have. The color of Amethyst, royal purple, is also associated with prosperity and glory. The stone is believed by many to create an energy field around the wearer that helps in altering internal negative energy, hence making it brilliant for meditation and overcoming any negative habits. People who struggle with over thinking, frustration, and have a chaotic state of mind are encouraged to wear the stone as it is supposed to stabilize their emotions.

Apart from the emotional stability that Amethyst provides, many believe that it helps boost the immune system, strengthens the respiratory system, and cures skin related illnesses. People with breathing problems, while also taking prescribed medication, are encouraged to wear the stone in the form of necklace or pendant in the place between their lungs in order to gain extra relief.

The healing properties of Amethyst extend to relieve swelling and numbness anywhere on the body by soothing the nervous system. It is well known for reducing insomnia in people. Some believe that placing a small Amethyst crystal under the bed or pillow can help fend off nightmares and promote lucid dreaming, ensuring peaceful sleep.

Amethysts are known to have been used earlier to relieve sicknesses such as migraines and severe headaches. Keeping a small Amethyst crystal on your brow while you lay down will instantly relieve you off the excruciating pain. All you need to do is relax and keep your eyes shut. Migraine and head aches are related to stress and anxiety and this stone will cure the core of the problem.

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Amethyst is the traditional birthstone for the month of February. This means that if you were born in February, you can feel its strength and healing properties to the fullest. This stone is also considered the wedding anniversary gemstone for the fourth and sixth year of marriage. So if you want to ensure the prosperity of your marriage, you know Amethyst jewelry is the perfect anniversary present!

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of generating harmony between humans and the atmosphere they live in. In Feng Shui, Amethyst crystals are used for their purification properties and are believed to connect to more positive plains of energy. Feng Sui believes that these crystals can alter the emotional and mental state of the person.

Amethyst can also help with study and learning as it gives your mind the peace and tranquility it needs to absorb certain things. Placing a small cluster of Amethyst crystals in the study or living room can enhance positive energy in the house. If you’re having a tough time dealing with problems, keep the cooling Amethyst stone in your pocket or in car.

What Form or Color Will Suit Me Best?

bracelet purpleWhen purchasing precious stones or its jewelry, one cannot ignore the cost factor and the look, power and cost of an Amethyst depend on its hue and tone. The one with the deepest indigo or violet will be the most effective and also the most expensive.

The depth of the clouds and other imperfections will also affect its price and other capabilities. Before purchasing it, ensure that the stone has deep clarity and rich color, though it might be relatively expensive but it will be worth all the money. It is better to consult a gemologist to make sure you are getting the real gemstone.

Polished and tumbled amethyst stones are easy to find and easy to carry around in case you want to keep it in your purse or pocket. What form of the stone would suit you best depends on your needs. So, prioritize your requirements before you go out for purchasing the stone, as it is a worthy investment that can last for ages!

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