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Aquamarine is a blue or turquoise colored gemstone that is second in popularity to emerald in the beryl species. Its name is derived from the Latin term ‘aqua marina’ which means the “water of the seas”. The finer, clearer aquamarines are usually used as complimentary stones to diamonds in platinum jewelry or other high end jewelries.


Myths surrounding this gemstone indicate that the first Aquamarines were found in treasure chests believed to be owned by mermaids. Some stories even claim that these blue stones originated from mermaids’ tales. This is the reason why they were considered a good luck charm for sailors and would protect them from seasickness and aid them in reaching their destination safely.

Archaeologists have found this stone engraved in several small statues of the god Poseidon, who is considered to be the god of the sea. This proves that Romans and Greeks used to believe that this stone stirred the sea spirits, who in turn guided the sailors to their destination safely and on time. Some of the present day sea voyagers still believe in this myth and carry aquamarine stones with them during the journey.


streaks of yellowLike several other gemstones, aquamarines are formed deep inside the cavities of certain rocks. The formation begins in the depth of the Earth and as the pressure brings the magma to the surface, rocks are formed. These rocks are not as solid as they seem and often have cavities inside them. Depending on the materials absorbed by the rock and magma during the process, various gemstones are produced. For an aquamarine to attain its color and clarity certain types, of minerals like iron should be present in the rock.


Aquamarine is a semi precious gemstone and its deposits can be commonly found all over the world. The most common places include India, Australia, China, Baltistan, Pakistan, Russia, Zimbabwe, and Brazil. Russia and United States also produce this stone but in comparatively less quantity.

The clearest and the almost perfect stones come from Brazil. The state of Minas Gerais in Brazil is so rich in aquamarines that they can be found almost anywhere in the state. The most significant find in Brazil was in 1910 when one of these precious gemstones weighing around 520,000 carats was mined. The stone was later cut into smaller pieces and sold separately.

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Properties

Aquamarine has been around for a long time and there are many beliefs regarding its powers and healing properties. It is said that the stone evokes the calmness, audacity and relaxation of the sea, this is why it is also known as the ‘Stone of Courage.’ The wearer of this gemstone experiences enhanced mental strength that are helpful in reducing anxiety and can even help them in overcoming the fear of public speaking.

According to the traditional chakra healing system, these precious stones are linked to the throat chakra, which is associated with the following properties:

• Tranquility

• Inner power strength

• Soothing

• Cleansing

• Peace

• Meditation

• Serenity

• Inspiration

• Prophecy

• Safe journey

• Strength

• Clairvoyance

The gorgeous gemstone is known to speed up the intellectual way of thinking and augments the responsive abilities. It helps the wearer in the learning process, not only about the world but also about the inner self. Also known as the stone of natural justice, it is also known to promote tolerance among people who tend to be more judgmental towards others. As a result, believers often carry or wear aquamarines when they go out to resolve any complaint issues like going to a parent teacher meeting at their child’s school or when talking to a superior at work place.

As a gemstone that induces love and promotes harmony, aquamarine is used by lovers and couples with differences to strengthen their relationship; thereby making it the most perfect wedding present ever! In ancient Roman, bridegrooms presented their brides with aquamarine jewelry with the belief that the stone would absorb the power of young love. If you want a trouble-free, happy and long married life, then you know which precious stone can help you achieve that.

Physical Healing Purposes And Benefits

Besides spiritual and internal healing, aquamarine can treat external problems as well. It is considered the stone of the respiratory system in terms of physical healing. It is widely believed that it can help in healing sinus, frequent coughing and alleviate the symptoms of hay fever and other serious allergies. It also possesses the qualities to ease symptoms of the common cold and bronchitis.

Active against throat infections like sore throat, it tones the thyroid gland and regulates the growth of hormones. Aquamarine is also beneficial against gum problems and toothaches. It boosts the healing process of several inflammatory diseases and skin problems such as eczema. Minor eye problems such as dry and tired eyes can be overcome by placing the stone over the eyelids for about 15 minutes every night. Moreover, it can diminish the effects of long and short sightedness.

Wearing this stone during pregnancy can make the nine month process comparatively less painful and reduces the chances of miscarriage.


Aquamarine is an excellent stone to be used for meditational purposes. It helps a person cleanse the soul, allowing him to realize that human strength lies deep down inside the core of human existence. Since it is a cool stone, it allows a person to keep a cool state of mind, which is necessary for meditation. It can be used for smooth transitions from different states of mind, something that is a key requirement for a person to change overall. Certain traditions claim that it is possible to see your guardian angel through an aquamarine when you point it towards north.

Birth Stone

Aquamarine is the traditional birthstone of people born in March, an optional birthstone for October and of Scorpions i.e. people born from 23rd of October to 21st of November. It is also considered the 19th anniversary gemstone.


pale blue aquamarineAs the stone is not as rare as other crystals and gemstones like diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, its price is generally much lower than theirs. The value of the stone, to a large extent, depends on the deepness and saturation of its color. An aquamarine that has a clear blue tone can cost up to 4 times more than a pale blue one. The size of the stone also plays a major role in determining the value. Currently, the largest aquamarine is about 10,363 carats and has an estimated value of 10 million dollars, which means roughly $1000 for a carat, which is way more than what a smaller stone would cost per carat.

One thing that buyers should be careful about when purchasing aquamarine jewelry is that the jewelers often dupe customers by substituing topaz instead of a real aquamarine. The best way to protect yourself and ensuring that you are getting the right stone is by asking for a gemologist’s report. Better yet, if you can consult a gemologist before purchasing the stone, they’d be able to provide you all the necessary details regarding its authenticity.

For those who love the serene blue color and are looking for something unique to be used in their engagement ring, they should definitely consider an aquamarine as it is less expensive, stunningly beautiful and one of its kind.

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