Introduction to Birthstones

representative stones for each month

Birthstones are precious gemstones accredited with every month of the year. The legend of their origin dates back to 1912 and corresponds to the twelve valuable stones present on the breastplate of Aaron. Each one of these gemstones represented an Israeli tribe. It is believed that birthstones have certain natural properties that act as good luck charms for the stone bearer and they are usually worn in the form of jewelry.

Here is a brief overview of the twelve birthstones.


Garnet is January’s stone and it signifies trust, friendship and reliability. Although it is available in various colors, the most famous of all has a warm, red color which makes it look like a pomegranate seed. Garnet is also considered an energy cleansing stone that helps in achieving balance in life and boosts self confidence.

All types of garnets honor the Egyptian goddess of war, Sekhmet, who is considered the most powerful goddess of Egypt. This stone is obtained mainly from Sri Lanka, India and Africa.


February’s birthstone is the purple colored amethyst, also known as the ‘gem of fire.’ In ancient times, it was considered as unique and expensive as diamond, and still it is one of the rarest gemstones available. Amethyst is also categorized as the wisdom stone and it is believed that its wearer will gain spiritual insight, humility and piety. This is the reason why Catholic bishops still wear this jewel on their rings.

Amethyst is also the stone of protection; it is supposed to shield its wearer from their own negative thoughts and actions, especially against intoxication. It will also guard you against your subconscious dark thoughts that transpire in the form of bad dreams.


People born in the month of March can benefit greatly from cool and calm aquamarine, the stone of the water. Also known as the ‘poor man’s diamond,’ this gemstone represents love, hope and youth. It helps its wearer to achieve emotional and mental stability and alleviates aggression. In pre-historic Roman era it was believed that presenting this stone to a newlywed bride guaranteed a long and prosperous marriage.

This stone is accredited with three deities: Kuan-Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion, mercy and protector of the unfortunate; Kupala, the Salvonic water goddess and Akna, the Mayan goddess of motherhood.


A girl’s best friend, diamonds are considered lucky for people born in April. According to the Greek beliefs this stone is symbolic for the ‘flame of eternal love,’ which is why traditional rings are adorned with them. Diamonds have a detoxifying capability that cleanses and protects its wearer from intellectual, emotional and physical negative energy and brings out the positive in them. It is also considered the stone of strength, in personal endeavors as well as relationships.


Emerald is the customary birthstone for people born in May. It has a deep green color and is categorized as a preserver of love and hope. It is widely believed that presenting your lover with an emerald will make them stay faithful to you. It is also said to nullify feelings of envy, which looking at its distinct green hue is not hard to believe.

Emerald is associated with Venus, the goddess of love, fertility and beauty; if people born in May wear this stone they will attract all these positive energies.


The oldest gem of all time, the pearl is the traditional birthstone for people celebrating June birthdays. An original pearl is extremely rare and expensive. The Greeks believed that this gem was formed by the hardening of the goddess of love’s tears, which is why it symbolizes loyalty, wealth, purity and generosity. Since pearls are obtained from the sea, it is said that they possess water and lunar properties that are extremely helpful in stabilizing emotions.


July is attributed with ruby, the most powerful gem in the universe and the queen of all stones. Rubies have a deep red color also known as ‘the pigeon’s blood,’ which is usually associated with passion and is believed to stir up emotions. People who lack in self love should meditate on this stone to gain self-confidence.

In the past scientists, wanderers, adventurers and explorers used to carry this stone during travelling so as to protect themselves against evil spirits and attract good fortune. This stone honors the Italian goddess of twelfth night, Befana.


Lime green colored peridot is the birthstone of August. This precious gem is a symbol of the sun and is believed to protect its wearer from the evil and terrors of the night. Romans used it to cure depression. It is also believed that peridot attracts good fortune, growth, and prosperity. In ancient times, Aztecs, Egyptians and Incas used this stone to treat heart problems. Moreover, Egyptian kings wore this stone to shield themselves from their Pharaoh’s power.


Colorful sapphires are best suited for people born in September. These gemstones are considered protectors of love and symbolize heaven. Each color of sapphire attributes to certain properties but all categories of this stone are ascribed with intuition, calmness, serenity and open mindedness.

Black sapphire releases stress, green is known for attracting compassion, pink is symbolic for love and forgiveness, orange is considered the talisman of creative geniuses, violet and white ones refer to spiritual awakening and yellow sapphire bring financial stability. Sapphire also has the power to treat blood and throat disorders.


Delicate and earthly colored opals are October’s birthstone. It is an extremely fragile stone that can crack under the light of sun or extreme heat. This gemstone symbolizes dreams, imagination and visualizations. Wearer of this stone is believed to experience prosperity in business and personal relationships.

Opal can be subcategorized in to various types and every type has particular healing properties. Violet opals are known as the ‘dream crystals’ and helps us in exploring the subconscious parts of our brain and interpreting dreams. Brown colored stones bring its wearer closer to the nature and helps in achieving relaxation. Fire opals reignite the fire of life and protect its wearer against dangers.


Citrine, also known as the ‘healing quartz,’ is the customary birthstone of November. It is a transparent stone with pale yellow or golden color and is believed to attract wealth. Citrine is also associated with positivity. It attracts happiness, enhances productivity, expands creativity and wards off the negative emotions.

This powerful stone honors three divine beings: The Greek goddess of spring Persephone that is associated with growth, the Egyptian goddess of war Sekhmet that represents power and the Greek goddess of harvest Demeter that symbolizes the end of infertility and beginning of the productive era.


December is attributed with calm and soothing blue topaz. The word topaz is Greek in origin and means ‘precious stone.’ Available in three different shades of blue, this gemstone is associated with honesty, uplifting, openness and forgiveness. This stone channelizes your inner energy and helps you acquire freedom of mind, inner strength and clarity of thoughts and emotions. This gemstone is also used to cure asthma, depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and stomach ailments.

Blue topaz is found in China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United States, Brazil, Nigeria, and Mexico.

Blue topaz is associated with the Nordic goddess of the sun Freya, and is believed to bring enlightenment and alleviate negativity.

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  • In the birthstone section you say that blue topaz is December’s birthstone. Although, in your November section you say that topaz is the birthstone. Are there different types of topaz that are birthstones for both November and December, such as yellow for November and blue for December. Or in your birthstone section did you mean to say that tanzanite was December’s birthstone. I would really like to know if topaz is also associated with December or if there was some mistake. Thank you.

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