Jewelry Care

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Jewelry are important investments that should be cared for properly in order to maintain their appearances and to enhance their durability. For example, retaining the luster of your silver is very important if you want to keep them looking bright and great. You should also take note that you should clean and polish your silver jewelry periodically using a special cloth to avoid leaving scratches on the metals.

Also, you probably want to select a silver chemical cleaner that is non-toxic and contains non-scratch particles. When applied correctly, the coating can give a lasting luster to your silver and can be applied anytime you notice dulling jewelry.

General Care And Maintenance Guidelines…

  1. Do not use silver cleaning dips for vintage jewelry. Why? Such cleaning agents are typically comprised of very strong chemicals that will remove antiquing and destroy the value of a piece of antique jewelry. On top of that, these chemicals don’t sit well with most types of natural gemstones. If you happen to have a hybrid piece of jewelry that consists of gemstones as well, I would recommend asking a jeweler’s advice prior to undertaking any form of DIY cleaning.
  2. Avoid using cleaners or harsh chemicals as they may alter the color of your gem stone.
  3. Avoid getting makeup, perfume and hairspray on your gem stone jewelry.
  4. Avoid using ultrasonic cleaning machines with gemstone based jewelry, since the microscopic vibrations may damage brittle gem stones.
  5. Never store gem stone jewelry exposed to any forms of  diamond jewelry. This is because you don’t want the diamonds to scratch the softer gem stones.
  6. Have your gem stone jewelry professionally cleaned and serviced annually. Your jeweler should also perform regular checks that clasps and prongs are not worn or broken.
  7. Use a professional jeweler to repair your gem stone jewelry.
  8. Between professional cleanings, soak gemstone jewelry in warm, soapy water for several minutes and use a soft, non-metallic brush to remove dirt and grime.
  9. Always clean gem stone jewelry in a bowl and not directly above your sink to eliminate possibilities of losing your heirloom down into the drain.
  10. Store your gem stone jewelry pieces separately in tissue or cloth and in separate compartments of a jewelry box. Most of the original boxes or packages that come with the purchase are usually the best ones for storage.
  11. Remove your gem stone jewelry when doing housework, cleaning, gardening or any form of heavy chores. You should also keep in mind that chemicals can harm or ruin your gem stone. If you going for services like beauty salon treatments whereby the contact of chemicals is inevitable, take off your jewelry before you leave home.
  12. Have safety chains or safety clasps installed on your more expensive or sentimental jewelry pieces.
  13. Adding your gem stone jewelry to your home insurance policy can also leave you with a better peace of mind. Depending on the cost of your jewelry, insurance may or may not be the best solution for getting replacements in the event of a loss.

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