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If you want to make a woman feel special, present her with diamond jewelry! This precious gemstone, also known as the ‘king of gems,’ is the most desired embellishment in all sorts of jewelry items, be it necklace, earrings or bracelets. Not every woman can afford to have it but every woman certainly desires it, and this clearly shows their worth!

If you want to know more about diamonds and their mystic powers, then read ahead.

Composition and Occurrence

Diamond is basically a derivative of carbon and it is obtained from approximately 150 km under the earth’s surface, where extremely high temperature and pressure crystallize carbon. This crystallized carbon then amalgamates into the earth’s crust with magma.

This collision of hot molten rocks with carbon creates ‘pipes’ that are elongated and narrow cylindrical structures that encompass the diamond content. The erosion of these pipes exposes diamond deposits, which are usually found far away from the source of origin as their harness prevents them from destroying against depositions and erosions.

In America, diamonds are obtained from eastern states of Georgia, Virginia, Oregon, western States of California, Wisconsin, Kentucky, South Carolina, North Carolina and Sierra Madre in Mexico. In Europe, Russia and Lapland are known for diamond deposits; however, their depositions exist in minor quantity. The continent of Africa is especially famous for diamond depositions.

The area near the Vaal River, the town of Kimberly, Angola, Ghana, Liberia, Ivory Coast and the Central African Republic are widely famous for diamond depositions. The famous African diamond mines include Dutoitspan, DeBeers, Kimberly, Premier, Jagers-fontein, and Wesselton.

Other than the above mentioned cities Indonesia, Borneo, India, Canada, Namibia, Congo, Venezuela, and New South Wales are also famous for diamond depositions.

History and Myths

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It is believed that the first diamond was discovered in India some 4,000 years back near the Krishna, Godavari and Penner rivers. Since then, their existence has enjoyed a privileged position in religious as well as social sectors.

The Greek and Roman empires used to believe that diamonds are fragment of falling stars and the hardened tears of god. The Hindus also had some-what similar beliefs, this is why they used to place these stones in the place of eyes of their gods’ statues.

In the Dark Ages, diamonds were used for healing diseases and warding off evil spirits. Some people believed that swallowing these stones would cure their illnesses. Pope Clement tried this treatment to cure his ailments and failed miserably. St Hildegarde recorded an anecdote in those times, which states that holding a diamond in the hand while making a cross sign will cure all the diseases.

In the Middle Ages, diamonds were valued more for their enhanced value rather than mystic powers. This shift took place after the discovery of some of the famous colored diamonds in the history of the world, most noticeably Koh-i-Noor and the Blue Hope.

The Persian myth states that god did not need any of the precious stones like gold or diamond but Satan observed that Eve was attracted to brightly colored flowers and so he created these valuable gemstones to lure and distract humans. Ancient kings used to believe that wearing breastplates embedded with diamonds would protect them from harm in wars.

For Egyptians, diamonds were symbolical for symbol of power, truth, sun and courage. They used to place it in their pharaoh’s body, in the center of eye with the belief that it would protect the spirits in the afterlife. Another diamond related myth that is still practiced and believed upon states that wearing a diamond engagement ring on the third finger of the left hand stimulated a connection with the ‘vein of love’ that strengthens the relationship.

Physical Healing Properties

The energy of a diamond has the power to unite body and soul, and reverse the physical imbalance. It stimulates the nervous system, strengthens brain and balances the hemispheres of the brain. This consequently reduces the chances of epilepsy, strokes, and enhances the energy levels in the body.

These stones also have the power of curing urine retention and constipation. It stimulates the functions of all the body organs that deal with waste removal. People suffering from kidney stone problems should rub it on the part of the body above their kidney to accelerate the stone ejaculation process.

People who suffer from depression, anxiety, paranoid psychosis or obsessive jealousy should avoid wearing this stone as it affects them negatively.

Emotional Healing Energy

Diamonds do not affect any particular type of emotions; however, their energy can intensify whatever emotions the wearer is feeling. Diamonds are known for absorbing the energy of light and this power can bring to surface deep, underlying emotions and enable people to come to terms with them.

Chakra Healing System

Diamonds are known for stimulating Etheric and Crown chakras. Ethric chakra is located at the top of the head and helps in establishing connection with the higher spiritual energy. This chakra is related with the qualities of humility, soul connection and self illumination. If your Etheric chakra is blocked, then you will face trouble in connecting with your inner self. Diamonds can help you by bringing this chakra in balance and guide you towards the path of peace and wisdom.

The Crown chakra, on the other hand, controls our thinking process and how we establish connection with the outer world. A balanced Crown chakra will enable you to connect with god and decipher the hidden truths of the universe.

Famous Diamonds

Here is a list of the 10 most famous diamonds discovered up till now:

1. Hortensia – This diamond is in possession of the French Royals. It is peach in color and weighs approximately 20 carats. Hortensia is exhibited at the Louvre Museum, Paris.

2. The Blue Hope – One of the most stolen diamonds, Blue Hope, belonged to Henry Thomas Hope. Contrary to its name, this diamond brought bad luck to its owners. It weighs 45.52 carats and is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington.

3. The Sancy – This pear shaped diamond was initially owned by the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold but he lost it in the battle of 1477. It weighs 55 carats and currently its whereabouts are unknown.

4. The Taylor-Burton – Richard Burton presented this elegant clear cut beauty to Elizabeth Taylor. It weighs 69.42 carats and was worth $1,100,000 at the time of purchase. After Burton’s death Elizabeth Taylor donated this diamond to a hospital. It was last viewed in Saudi Arabia.

5. The Idol’s Eye – This stolen diamond weighs 70.20 carats and it is believed that it was presented to the Sultan of Turkey as ransom for the Kashmiri Princess Rasheeta.

6. Koh-i-Noor – This infamous oval shaped diamond rests in the British Royal jewels, in the Tower of London. It is 105.60 in weight and enjoys a rich history.

7. The Regent – Regent was discovered in India in 1698 and was acquired by the governor of Madras. It weighs 104.50 carats and can now be seen at the Louvre Museum.

8. The Centenary Diamond – Another 273.58 carat diamond that belongs to the British Royal jewels in the Tower of London. It is known by the title ‘Lesser Star of Africa.’

9. The Orloff – This 300 carat diamond rests in the Diamond Treasury of Russia in Moscow. This diamond has also been stolen quite a few times before it came to Moscow.

10. Great Star Of Africa – This diamond weighs 530.20 and is considered the largest diamond of the world. It is present in the Tower of London with other British royal jewels.

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