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No gem presents the true form of nature in a more beautiful way than emerald. The intense lush green color of this stone is a reminder of the beauty of mother Earth. Associated with royalty, emeralds are one of the most attractive stones, valued and cared for like rubies and sapphires. The only thing that can prevent you from wearing an emerald ring or necklace everyday is its delicacy. Its fragileness prevents daily use and you have to take special care of it if you’re wearing it on a ring or as a pendant.

Historical Significance

Numerous cultures have placed various beliefs in this overwhelmingly beautiful gem. Records indicate that emeralds were considered extremely priceless gemstones in ancient times and were sold in Babylonian markets back in 4000 BC. The Inca civilization had a huge collection of pots, vases, and utensils adorned with these green stones and the early Indians called it ‘marakata’ meaning the ‘green of growing things’. Moguls were extremely fond of the beauty of these precious stones. They used to engrave it with holy texts and wore it on their fingers to protect themselves against the evil.

Ancient Egyptians had high value for this gemstone and they called it the ‘lover’s stone.’ They were also of the opinion that it symbolizes fertility and rebirth; this is why they used to bury emerald with their pharaohs with the hope that it would bestow them with the power of youth. Emerald was considered Cleopatra’s favorite gemstone and the Cleopatra mines, located near the Red sea were one of the first mines that had large deposits of this exquisite gem.

Legend states that the conqueror of Mexico, Hernando Cortes, acquired huge trunks of emeralds from Aztec and was bringing them home via sea when one of his ships suffered an accident and was drowned along with several delicately carved emerald fish and flowers. Royals of every era and region have appreciated this gemstone due to its striking beauty and natural healing properties.

Other noteworthy uses of emeralds could be found in the following examples: Iranian empress Farah’s tiara contained a magnificent collection of emeralds, Russian crown jewels are rich in this precious stone, Henry II was presented a glorious emerald ring during his coronation and Alexander the great has one of these stone embedded in his girdle.

searching for emeralds in river bed

Searching for raw emeralds in river bed – Muzo, Mexico


Emerald belongs to the beryl species, which is a common mineral found in rock. They are formed in hydrothermal veins that are pockets of hot water or hot steam deep within the surface of the earth. These veins serve as passages to transport elements such as beryllium, which are a necessary component of the gem. With all the right conditions, the elements may merge in a single place to heat and combine to form this gem.


The most significant contributor to the global market of emeralds is Colombia. Gemstones from this region are bright, clear and large. They have great value in the international market. There are now several websites and trade platforms online that could help you buy a pure Colombian emerald, although it could be quite costly.

Besides Columbia, these lush green gems are mined throughout the world including Brazil, Pakistan, United States, Afghanistan, Russia, India, Italy, Madagascar, France, Egypt, Australia and Yukon.

Emotional Healing Purposes

works of natureA renowned lithologist has been known to claim, ‘All the green of nature is concentrated within the emerald.’ This gorgeous gemstone is a symbol of youth in men and women, and is believed to evoke the soul like the peak of spring. Called by many, a seeker of love and revealer of truths, emeralds are known to promote justice, friendship, peace, tranquility and compassion. It is also known as a symbol of hope for the future and productivity.

As the stone of successful love, it opens up the heart and allows its wearer to explore and express their feelings. The Greeks believed that the goddess Venus used this stone to ensure security and stability between loving couples and presenting your loved one with these lush green crystals guarantees their faithfulness. Moreover, it has the natural power to clear out any differences between partners and enhance the happiness in a relationship or household.

Emeralds emit energy that is very helpful in the spiritual healing process. They are considered the ideal stone for reviving passion in a person, with regards to a hobby, job or another human being. To attract a positive relationship, wear or carry an emerald out of sight and particularly near your heart. The gem can also be used to instill confidence in people who are bullied or teased for being overweight or under privileged. Natural emeralds are ideal for occupations where rapid recall of facts and clear speech are a necessary requirement.

In addition to balancing the emotional state of a person, the stone has a stimulating effect on one’s learning, thinking and philosophical aspects. It evokes artistic creativity and is known to be extremely productive if worn to work. People striving to achieve emotional and mental equilibrium can benefit greatly with the healing properties of this gemstone.

Physical Healing Purposes And Beliefs

Emerald possesses wonderful rejuvenating properties and can be used to revitalize tired or damaged organs. It possess the natural power to treat many heart related diseases and others pertaining to lungs, kidneys, gall bladder and the pancreas. Spine and the muscle system can also attain a lot of energy from emeralds if they are placed appropriately. It speeds up recovery after serious diseases and its powerful green rays can be used to heal grave conditions.

Many consider emerald the best gemstone for the treatment of eyes. Placing it on the eyelids may reduce the symptoms of several eye and vision loss problems. It will also help in strengthening memory. It is widely believed that this gem can thwart epilepsy and ward off ailments such as headaches, fever and various allergies. If worn in contact with the skin, emeralds can relieve several skin diseases including eczema.

Ancient Egyptians used to believe that emeralds can cure infertility. Nowadays people still believe that pregnant women should wear this gemstone to avoid miscarriages and ensure birth of a healthy baby.

choosing emeralds

Sorting polished emeralds by their cutting style.

Meditation and Chakra Healing System

A stone of inspiration, emerald induces calmness and serenity, and clears the heart of any malice against fellow beings. It promotes love and harmony among human beings in general and encourages one to live and act with all his heart. This in turn allows him to be more tolerant, loving and passionate to other creatures.

This stone represents the energy patterns of the Heart Chakra, which is located near the breastbone. This energy corresponds to our external connection with the world and monitors which type of energy we absorb and radiate. Imbalance in Heart Chakra leads to disparity in relationships as well. You will feel either controlled or controlling in a relationship but if you start wearing this stone regularly, your Heart Chakra will come into balance once again; hence ensuring relationship strength. Its power will enable you to understand and correspond to your emotional necessities.


real emerald meanings

Emeralds are the traditional birthstone for May and the historic birthstone for June. People born in spring i.e. from 20 April to 20 May will experience good fortune if they wear this stone regularly. It is also the zodiac stone for Cancerians. Emeralds are associated with Eriu, Banbha and Fodla, the three Celtic goddess of sovereignty that symbolizes protection and faithfulness.

Where to Buy Emeralds?

My highest recommendation is to shop online where you get a slew of information that you won’t obtain in your local store. Besides that, you also get a larger pool of inventory to cherry pick your stone from.

real photographs of beryl family

JamesAllen.com provides high magnification videos of the entire gemstone for you to inspect and check every minor detail. On top of significantly lower prices, you also get a no-risk money back guarantee which allows you sufficient time to evaluate your purchase in person.

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