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Garnet takes its name from its formation process and crystalline structure. The name is derived from a Latin word ‘granatus’ which means grain like. This stone is formed due to accumulation of silicate minerals and appears in varying shades of all colors except blue.

You can expect to find colors of garnet ranging from crimson, purple, green, gray and even colorless. Some of these stones have a unique “one color change” property, meaning that they exhibit one color when observed in incandescent light and a different color in natural light.

Garnets were held in a significant reverence in history. Plato, the famous philosopher, asked a Roman engraver to cut his portrait on one of these stones. The Bohemians used this gemstone to decorate their castles and churches, some of which are still open for public display in the present day. Moreover, jewelry carved with these gems was considered attractive and precious in all eras.


The use of this gem dates back to prehistoric times. However, its industrial use was not common until 1878 when the founder of Barton Mines, Henry Hudson Barton, initiated it. Currently several U.S. states contain high deposits of this stone including Arizona, California, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New York, Utah, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

In addition to them, India, Brazil, Soviet Union and Africa are also rich with garnet mines. The largest garnet stone ever found up till now was discovered in Africa and currently this continent is the largest supplier of these precious gemstones.

Garnet’s Types

Depending on its region of occurrence, this gemstone is available in several different types and colors. Here is a list of some derivatives of this distinct stone and their properties:

Almandine Garnet

almandine garnet silicateThis variant of garnet is found in striking red and scarlet color infused with modest brown tones. At first glance this stone will feel like it has entrapped fire within itself, and this is what attracts people to almandine garnet!


Based on its properties, it is also known as the ‘stone of tangible truth’ and is considered a protective charm of physical and intellectual properties. The energy radiated from this stone is known to reduce stress, anxiety, panic and fear. In short, almandine garnet protects one from all the negative influences present in the environment.

This stone is also helpful in stimulating metabolism and blood circulation, strengthening the immunity system and in protecting the body against flu, fever and various blood related problems. It also enhances the absorption of iron in intestines and boosts liver functioning and eyesight. Its use during pregnancy is known to alleviate pain and enhance fertility.

Grossular Garnet

grossularInduced with the colors of sunlight and fields present in nature, this gemstone is associated with prosperity and hope. The color range of grossular garnet varies from different shades of green to striking shades of yellow along with splashes of red, gold and orange.

Grossular garnet has is further divided into three main categories. There’s African green garnet, also known as African Jade, found in Mali. Then there is Tsavorite, which has emerald green color and is extremely rare. It is obtained from Kenya. Hessonite or Cinnamon stone is another type of grossular garnet which has reddish brown tones and is found in Sri Lanka.


Also known as the ‘stone of strength,’ it is believed that its wearer will experience growth and affluence in the business sector and will easily overcome all difficulties. In addition to emotional healing, the stone has physical healing properties too and is considered very effective in regenerating blood cells in the body. Grossular garnet is also helpful in curing skin problems like inflammation and acne, regulating fat metabolism, fortifying kidneys and liver and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Spessartine Garnet

The name of this stone is derived from its place of origin which is the Spessart district of Bavaria. It is an extremely rare garnet variant which is why people are usually unaware of its existence. This gemstone has warm shades of red, gold, orange, scarlet and crimson. Because of its striking colors it is also known as the ‘garnet of the sun.’


The spiritual energy of this precious gemstone helps people in attaining balance in life and promotes inner growth. It is also connected with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras, which are related to the creative energies flowing inside the body. The bearer of this stone is believed to achieve freedom of discovery and exploration along with acceleration in analytical thinking process.

Spessartine garnet can also be used to treat calcium deficiency, small intestine, kidney, Reynaud’s disease, chilblains, and bladder and heart problems. It is very effective for people who are allergic to wheat and dairy products and boost fertility in both men and women.

Andradite Garnet

This stone is composed of various elemental shades of green, olive and black. It is composed of calcium iron silicate and was named after a Portuguese mineralogist d’Andrada. This gemstone has three different types: melanite, demantoid and topazolite. Melanite is glossy black in color and is one of the rarest types of garnets available. Demantoid comprises of green and dark olive shades and is mainly found in Russia. Topazolite is the strongest of all garnets and has an attractive yellow color.


The healing powers of this stone are known to improve blood circulation and alleviate calcium, iron and magnesium deficiencies. In addition, andradite strengthens the liver and helps in building stamina, vitality, fitness and mobility. The spiritual healing properties of this stone are known to enhance creativity and helps in stabilizing emotions so as to enhance the creative process. Gaining emotional stability helps in improving relationships as well by reducing dependency on the partner.

Pyrope Garnet

Pyrope garnet, also known by the name of ‘living fire,’ is composed of bright hues of red, orange and indigo colors. The presence of these colors is dependent on the concentration of aluminum and magnesium. As the concentration of these minerals increases in the stone, its color brightens up too.


The properties of this gem are associated with passion, power and courage. This gem of Mars honors the goddess Demeter, the deity of harvest, and is believed to increase the productivity of its wearer in the workplace and reduce anxiety. Its physical healing properties include treating skin ailments, digestive problems, and low blood sugar level and bladder problems.

Uvarorite Garnet

This particular variant of garnet is often mistaken for emeralds due to its lush deep green color and identical appearance. Only a gemologist can distinguish it from emerald based on the stone’s composition. So if you are thinking of purchasing uvarorite then consult a professional gemologist to make sure you get your money’s worth.


Uvarorite’s energy connects the soul with the base of nature and encourages individuality. It is also considered the stone of wealth and prosperity. If worn during meditation, this stone can help its wearer in delving into the inner self and attain calm and peace. Physically this garnet is capable of treating sexual dysfunctions, heart problems and weakness of the liver and pancreas.


Garnet is the customary birthstone of people born in January and of Aquarians. It is also the secondary birthstone, along with several others, of people born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Moreover, it is the traditional stone of a 2nd marriage anniversary.

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