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Gemstones have been used throughout ancient history in various kinds of rituals and beliefs. From spiritual applications to therapeutic values, gemstones are still highly regarded in modern times. We hope that the following information compiled here will serve as a good reference for people looking for the meanings behind different gemstones and their associated properties.

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Agate (Moss): Get in touch with nature. Plant knowledge.

Agate (Tree): Introspection. Helps one view themselves with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint.

Agate: The darker stones were believed to inspire courage, boldness, victory in games, and bring prosperity. The lighter stones were believed to bring peace, protection against lightening, and immunity from snake bites.

Alexandrite: This stone got it’s name when it was discovered on the 12th birthday of Czar Alexander II in the Ural mountains of Russia in 1830.

Amazonite: Improves self worth. Personally, I find that I have more confidence when I wear this stone.

Amber: Lifts heaviness. Amber is great at lifting the heaviness of burdens — allowing happiness to come through.

Amethyst (Cape): Inner alignment. This seems to balance the inner bodies as well .- wrap strands of cape amethyst around aching joint.

Amethyst: They were once believed to be able to prevent drunkenness and protect people from contagious diseases. Amethysts are also believed to give courage, bring victories to soldiers in battle, and attract favors from those in high places.

purple amethyst

Other attributes that have been associated with the stone are it’s ability to soothe nerves in times of stress, make the wearer become calm and gentle, repress evil and make men successful in business. Good for spiritual upliftment. This is also the present carrier of the purple color ray.

Apatite: Communication.

Aquamarine: Said to assure love, affection, youth, and health to the wearer of this stone. It can help one understand difficult ituations from a love-filled viewpoint. Great for those who are experiencing a lot of grief.

Aventurine (blue): Circulation.

Aventurine (green): Used for physical healing. The are believed to reinforce a person’s decisiveness, amplify a person’s leadership qualities, and make a person a willing participant in instinctive action.

green aventurine

Also believed to help bring about emotional tranquility, obtain a positive attitude towards life, and bring them into alignment with their core. Aventurines have been reported by some people to be able to provide independence, health and well being.

Aventurine (red/orange): This color of aventurine has been said to provide reflective qualities so that a person can recognize the flaws of humanity and can remain in the heart space to continue to love this same humanity. It is said to help a person to look at a situation in complete detail, and magnify those aspects of importance.

Some people believe it provides for self reflection, and allows a person to recognize that when you look at another person. Basically, you are actually only seeing the reflection of the person that you choose them to be. It is also believed by some people that when you use this stone while fasting, it will help to reduce your hunger.

Aventurine (transparent): An extremely powerful stone. However, it needs daily washing (dry flat). Immature transparent aventurine will fade with time.

bloodstoneBloodstone (Heliotrope): Originally thought to represent the blood of Jesus Christ by Christians because of its’ colors (dark green with orange or red spots). Used to be prescribed as a cure for all types of physical bleeding. It was given to the injured or sick person to wear or place over the affected area so the bleeding would stop.

Speaking from a more scientific point of view, it was probably the stone’s cold touch which causes the bleeding to stop. Also said to bring the owner strength, justice, and success in court and legal affairs. Allegedly, this stone has properties that can make the owner prosperous in all financial dealings.

Orange Carnelian

Carnelian: Balance creativity and mental processes. Natural carnelian are the highly recommended. Remember to wash carnelian under water after wearing it. Carnelian is the carrier of the orange ray.

Cat’s-Eye: Believed to be a potent charm against the Evil Eye. It is also said to bring success in business speculations, gambling, and games of chance by bringing wealth, and preventing all financial losses. It was thought that if you carried a cat’s-eye you would be assured mental stability and general attractiveness.

Chalcedony: Once believed to protect from the Evil Eye and give the owner a calm disposition.

Chrysoprase: Spiritual protection. This stone allows me to work through issues without outside influences. Great when starting in management or working with large groups of people.

Citrine: Upliftment. Citrine encourages the yellow ray to support the body. This stone also helps one process energy work. This is one of the few minerals on the planet believed to not hold and accumulate negative energy, but to be able to dissipate and transmute it, which in turn gives it the ability to work out problems on both physical and subtle levels.

Bright Orangy-Yellow Citrine

Citrine has been called the “merchants stone” because it was said that if you (a merchant) place a piece of citrine in your cash box it will produce more income for you (the merchant). People once believed that citrine would diminish a person’s self destructive tendencies.

Coral: Emotional Foundation. Coral protects and strengthens one’s emotional foundation. Not truly a stone, but a hard calcium-like substance formed from the fossilized skeletons of marine life. Comes in many different varieties and colors. Coral has been carried by some people as a Kahuna magical charm. It was believed to be an amulet that protects people from sterility and from a gaze of the Evil Eye.

When used as protection from evil, the coral had to be worn directly against the body, because it was believed that the coral itself captured and destroyed the sorcery before it could reach the owner. This is a popular stone that is used to make rosary beads to keep evil at a safe distance.

Crystal (Rock): Once believed to be able to foretell the future. Known fact, when squeezed this stone becomes electrically charged. Synthetic quartz crystals are used to regulate watch movements and the electronic frequency of radios because they vibrate at a single constant frequency when an electric current is run through them.

Diamond: Increase personal clarity. Once used as an amulet to protect a person from the plague, pestilence, and the Evil Eye. It was believed to drive away madness, wild beasts, demons, and devils. Losing a diamond was considered an omen of bad luck. Some people believe that if you dip a diamond in water… That water would acquire healing properties.

It was also believed that if you dipped a diamond in a mixture of water and wine… the mixture would have the ability to make a person immune to gout, jaundice, and apoplexy. Diamonds have had a reputation for keeping the body in tune with the infinite, which in turn helps a person to withstand the pressures of the material world.

real emerald
Natural emeralds often have imperfections to them.

Emerald: Physical and emotional healing. Thought to signify faithfulness and unchanging love, to protect from accidents and guard one from possession by demons. The strongest physical healing gemstone. Carrier of the green ray.

Garnet: This stone represents friendship. According to legend, if you wear garnets they will improve your personal relationships and protect you from harm. This benefit supposedly doubles if your birthday is in January. They were often used as good luck charms by the bourgeoisie in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe.

garnet processed
Garnets That Were Smooth By Tumbling

Also thought to assure the wearer of love, devotion from loved ones, health, faithfulness, energy, and to keep a person from having bad dreams during sleep. When worn on the body, it is thought to prevent skin diseases and protect against infection of wounds.

Green Fluorite: Hormone Balance. This stone has been helpful with hormonal changes such as PMS and menopause.

Moonstone (orange): Helps one accept other stone’s help by comforting you. This is less powerful than white – but helpful when one really needs a certain stone.

Moonstone: In India a very long time ago, people once thought moonstone was actually moonlight that had solidified. Supposedly, it could bring you good fortune and help you foretell the events of the future. It has also been reported by some to attract good luck, protect a person on land and/or while at sea, be able to give you mental inspiration, bring success in love and good fortune in business.

People believe that if you want moonstone to bring you good luck, you should keep it wrapped up in a yellow cloth and carry it in your pocket. Moonstone has also been taunted by some as a talisman against cancer, kidney disease, and dropsy.

Mother of Pearl: Protection; Know mother’s love. This stone is a great protective stone.

Obsidian (black): Grounding stone. I gaze into it for a very short time (1-5 minutes) each day for 3 days when I need insight into a problem. I use black obsidian when I have been unable to understand what aquamarine has been trying to show me. This is a very strong stone. I use it sparingly.

Obsidian (mahogany): Decision making.

Onyx (black): Helps one to change bad habits. Also believed to keep nightmares away and bring a peaceful rest.

Onyx (Mexican): Helps one sleep better. For more details, see my Sleeping Better therapies. Black Opal: See self as Soul. I find this stone is great for helping one see the possibilities of how one can be all they can be. This stone seems to strengthen bones too.

opalOpal: Enables you to see possibilities; discover a broader view. Opals were once said to bring good fortune because they possessed the colors and powers of all gemstones. Since they are very sensitive to the atmospheric conditions, their brilliancy varies and is determined by the temperature and moisture in the a ir. Many believers say that an opal has a soul of their very own, and it attunes it’s soul to that of the person who wears it.

Pearl (freshwater): Enables one to accept love. See the good parts of oneself so you can love yourself and others.

Pearl: Known to many as a symbol of wisdom, wealth, faith, knowledge, and innocence. It has been said that if you wear a pearl next to the skin it will give off a vibration that has healing properties. Divers often treasure pearls and they are seen as a protection from sharks. It is believed that pearls that are worn by a married woman are considered unfortunate and signifies much crying and sadness.

Purple Rainbow Fluorite: Change. Helps one get out of ruts.

Peridot: Brings the energies from in the aura to the physical body. This is useful after energy work — however, one needs to be certain that they are bringing in the new energy — not the stuff they are trying to purge. Use with caution. According to ancient legend, people who wear peridot will be protected from evil spirits. Once considered more valuable than diamonds, the Romans wore them as protection from enchantment, melancholy, and nightmares.

Iolite: Has been known to be referred to as the “Viking’s Compass.” The Vikings were able to locate the position of the sun by looking through thin colorless slices of Iolite on cloudy days. Most likely because the stone acted like a light polarizer and canceled out haze and mist.

Quartz (Frosted): Balance.

Quartz (Rose): Emotional balance. Very good for expressing and soothing emotions. Try to find undyed rose quartz. Carried by people to insure peace, fidelity, and happiness. People believed rose quartz could emit a calm and cool energy which would enable it to gently remove all negativity and allow a person to feel the loving, gentle forces of self love.

rose quartz
Lovely And Demure Color of the Rose Quartz

People felt this stone was good to wear in a chaotic or crisis situation, and they refered to it as “the stone of gentle love” because they believed it to be able to bring peace and calm to all relationships. It was also thought to be an excellent energy for healing emotional “wounds”.

Quartz (Smokey): Many people have carried smokey quartz because they thought it was able to gently dissolve negative energies and clear up all emotional blockages. It was also thought to emit a powerful force field which could absorb many forms of negativity… not only from within the person that carried this stone, but from outside forces as well.

It was believed to be able to make a person feel personal pride and to create an overall joy in living. And has also been used by people to help regulate their creative abilities in business aspects, as well as being able to bring about the ability to make smart purchases.

Some people believe that smokey quartz can solve communication problems between one another, and may have the ability to get rid of all mental and emotional blockages… which in turn opens up a person’s creativity, mental perception, and learning abilities.

Red Agate: Believed to soothe the nerves and quiet the mind of the person who carried this stone.

Rhodocrosite: Change. Gives one confidence while making desired changes. Very supportive. One can make large changes very quickly with this stone.

Sunstone: Enhances contemplations. Meditations can be clear when wearing this stone. Many people carried sunstone to bring themselves success and good fortune.

Rhodonite: Emotional support. Helps one take the next step emotionally. This stone has been dubbed “the stone of love” because it is supposed to be able to help a person achieve everything to their greatest potential. It is said to allow a person to feel unconditional love on a physical level. It was believed to be able to dispel anxiety and promote coherence, and enable the user to possess an observant nature which allowed them to focus all of their attention to details and interrelationships.

Ruby: Love; Open the heart. It allows me to overcome fear. Carrier of the red ray. Considered regal and sacred, in ancient India the ruby was called the “king of gems.” In England, it was once used for coronation rings. Ancient Hindus once thought that if they offered them to the god Krishna, they would be reborn as an emperor. It was said that if you dreamed of a ruby, it indicated success in business and good fortune in money matters.

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Long ago it was believed that a ruby could protect you from all kinds of witchcraft, plague, and famine if it was worn on the left side. It has also been said to be able to attract favors from those in authority, be able to give the wearer control of their passions, to preserve the strength in your body, return possessions to their rightful owners, and end quarrels between friends. People used to think that if you washed a ruby in water, that water could be used to relieve stomach cramps.

heart shaped sapphireSapphire: Mental clarity. Clear mental garbage. Carrier of the blue ray. Also considered regal and sacred, sapphires were worn by kings and queens for good luck. They were set in rings for bishops and cardinals. Their blue color was believed to symbolize heaven.

Sapphires were believed to promote peace and happiness between lovers. St. Jerome wrote that sapphires could “procure favors with princes, pacify enemies, free a person from enchantment, and help one to obtain freedom from captivity. Other beliefs are that it could resist black magic, give its’ owner great powers of concentration, preserve chastity, and promote good health.

Sardonyx: Believed to be able to lead a person to high position, honor, renown, and financial rewards. It was said that if you hung sardonyx around your neck, it could ease pain, give a person self-control, help to attract friends, insure a happy marriage, and bring success in legal matters. It was also believed to be able to restrain people who were inclined to dissipation, and to be able to protect the wearer from all infections.

Sodalite: Protects from external negative energy.

Sugilite: Absorbs garbage from wearer’s aura. I feel lighter when I wear this stone. It uplifts me and gives me more energy.

Tanzanite: Changes. Uplifts and opens the heart.

Tiger’s Eye: Once believed to defeat sorcery in all its forms and inspire courage. It was especially recommended for people who are shy or timid because it could give them self-confidence to make them become strong and assertive.

yellow topazTopaz: Known as the “Stone of strength,” people believed that if you wore topaz it could protect you from any and all accidents that you may encounter when you traveled, keep you from becoming injured in a fire, and get rid of all fears of death. It was also believed that if you wore it on your left arm or hung it around your neck it could break all enchantments that may have been cast upon you, bring you loads of money, and enable you to receive impressions from astral sources.

Tourmaline: Believed that if a person carried or wore tourmaline, it could help to rid the person of fears and melancholy, attract favors from other people, insure that your friends were loyal, and encourage clear thinking.

Tourmaline (Green): Promote male balance and physical healing.

Tourmaline (Pink): Promote female balance and protection.

Turquoise: For centuries, turquoise was considered a highly esteemed gem. It was admired by the Egyptians for its very distinct color.┬áIt is the national stone of Iran (Persia) and has decorated the thrones and the attire of high officials. In Tibet, its’ role is comparable to that of jade in China.


Turquoise was a commodity more valuable than gold to the Aztecs. It was so highly regarded by European men that they did not consider their hand to be well adorned unless they wore a fine turquoise. It was once believed to be able to draw evil to itself and away from the person that the evil was intended for. Because of this fact, it was a popular amulet, but it has many other attributes as well associated with it.

It was said to be able to ward off the Evil Eye and warn of approaching death by changing its’ color. Also taunted to be able to protect from poison, snake bites, and eye troubles. People also believed that if you drank the water from which a turquoise had been dipped in, it would cure a weak bladder problem.

Other Unlisted Gemstones

I encourage you to discover the properties of unknown stones for yourself. What you can do is to keep your stone with you as often as possible. Keep it close to your bed while you sleep; wear it, carry it or place it on your desk during the day. Pay close attention to your moods, observe your interactions with others, your dreams and your emotions.

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