How to Take Care of Your Diamond Jewelry

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They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend; and this is definitely true given its ability to enchant people through its sparkling yet elegant beauty. For many, diamond jewelry is a gift from special people like hubby or lovers, which enhances its emotional significance and makes it all the more valuable. On the contrary, some diamond jewelry items are passed on from generation to generation which makes them a part of the family heritage, and certainly no one would want to lose or damage them!

Needless to say, these are prized possessions that require extensive care and proper maintenance. If you are fond of stone jewelry, you should be extremely cautious about the following things so that if you decide to pass it along to your children and grandchildren at some point in life, they can take pride in the magnificence of these stones.

Protection From Dirt and Oils

Clean jewelry, especially ones incorporated with diamonds and other precious stones, looks attractive if it shines. Dirt, blemishes and oil stains will only hinder its glow and in consequence will make it look less attractive and reduce its monetary value as well.

You must be wondering how one can get oil stains on their jewelry. Well, every time you wear or handle a piece of jewelry, oil from your skin collects on to the ring or necklace and transfers on to the stone. Once the surface of the diamond turns oily, it easily attracts and captures dust particles and damages the surface of the stone. Even the smallest amount of oil that collects on the stones setting lessens the stone’s abilities to reflect light.

Moreover, sometimes the dirt and other small particles settle at the base of the ring or necklace and hamper the diamonds’ natural sheen. Also, there are several chemicals that are found in dyes and detergents that could alter the true color of the stone and your entire jewelry item.

Blemishes And Other Work Hazards

pave settingAlthough, diamonds are considered one of the hardest materials ever discovered by man and can only be cut or polished by another stronger diamond, they can get chipped by a really hard blow or when rubbed against a rough surface.

Wearing diamond jewelry, or any other precious jewelry for that matter, while doing rough work, is a great threat to the outlook and stability of the item in question. Softer stones like sapphires and pearls are particularly susceptible to damage and marks, destroying their beauty in a matter of seconds.

Additionally, wearing jewelry during sport activities or other household chores could be risky. The setting of the stone could become loose due to any chemicals they may come in contact with, which in turn may allow the stone to slip out without the slightest warning.

Precautions to Take

• It is recommended to take off any jewelry items including rings and necklaces before you enter a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, or even a hot tub. Chlorine and any other chemicals present in the water can accumulate in your jewelry and weaken the grip of the base on the stone.

• Don’t forget to take off your rings before doing laundry as the chemicals in the detergents can cause the same effect as above.

• The stone’s shine can be dulled by toiletry items like bleach that we use daily.

• Using perfumes, lotions, soaps and sprays on stones should also be avoided.

Cleaning Diamond Rings And Jewelry

You can buy jewelry cleaning kits from most jewelers or you can use certain household items in the right way to clean your jewelry. At home, mix lukewarm water and a mild detergent to make a cleaning solution. Adding a few drops of ammonia to the solution will enhance its effects.

Soak your jewelry in it for 5 to 10 minutes; this will help loosen the dirt and oil from the settings of the stones and other areas that are hard to reach. Gently clean the item with a soft old toothbrush or eyebrow brush. Don’t use a hard brush or it might cause scratches on the surface of the stone and can even damage the base of the jewelry.

Use warm water to rinse the jewelry item and make sure that you do not touch it with bare fingers. Dry the item with a lint free cloth for maximum sparkle. Once it is completely dry you can start wearing it to beautify your clothes and overall outlook.

If you’re using a commercial jewelry cleaning product, do not start the cleaning process before going through the instruction in detail. See if you need any other accessories to clean the item beforehand. Do not add any other chemicals to the cleaning product with the intentions of enhancing its effect. This may react with the substance and can be extremely dangerous to your skin as well as the jewelry.

Professional Cleaning And Washing

Getting your jewelry cleaned by a trained professional is by far the best way to keep your valuable possession spotless and sparkling. Not only does it ensure that your jewelry is radiant to the best of its abilities, it also allows a professional to take a look and detect any other care that your piece may need.

Sometimes, you may not realize that the setting or prongs that hold the stones are getting loose, only a professional with a powerful microscope can identify these issues. Hence, it is recommended to get your jewelry checked and cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Storing Them Safely

Avoid storing all your jewelry loosely, in a single container. This may cause one item to scratch another. To be on the safe side, wrap each piece of jewelry separately in a tissue or soft cloth and store each item in separate compartments.

Additional Tips For Keeping Diamonds Sparkly

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To sum it all up, here are some tips that you could keep in mind when you are wearing, handling, or cleaning your jewelry.

• If you are not in the habit of removing your stone rings while doing household chores like washing the dishes, cleaning the bathrooms, or scrubbing the floors, then it is best to wear rubber gloves. This way your stones won’t suffer any damage from the chemicals.

• Check your jewelry for any loose stones. Do not pull or touch any of them though. Take the item to the jeweler as soon as possible.

• If you are applying any cosmetics, take off your jewelry and wear it once you’re done. Cosmetics have chemicals that dull the shine of gold and silver. Same goes for other chemically enhanced beauty products.

• If you are travelling with your diamond jewelry, you need to be very careful and apply common sense. Use a box lined with fabric to store it so that it doesn’t suffer any scratches in case of bumpiness of the road.

• If you are using household cleaning methods, I recommend that clean your jewelry items at least once a month. This will ensure its sparkling beauty.

Jewelry is no doubt a valuable monetary and emotional investment. Taking proper care and observing all precautionary measures will ensure that it gives you a lifetime of splendor, radiance and beauty.

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