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Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania, near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro; hence the name Tanzanite. This stone belongs to the Zoiste family of minerals and is officially known as the ‘Blue Zoiste.’ Later, Tiffany, the famous jewelry store renamed it to Tanzanite as a branding strategy.

Formation and Occurrence

Tanzanite belongs to the silicate family and its chemical name is calcium aluminum hydroxyl silicate. Its large deposits are found in the Mozambique Orogenic Belt of the earth, hidden in marbles, schists and metamorphic rocks. Its formation is the result of irradiation of reddish brown minerals at high temperature of 550 to 700 Celsius that occurs in the surface of the earth.

Tanzanite deposits are only found in Merelani hills and its surrounding areas. Some minor deposits are also found near Kenya. It’s extremely rare availability has led to the stone’s commercial production that involves artificial heat treating of reddish brown minerals.

Historical Significance

round brilliant tanzaniteThe legend states that lightning strike near the Merelani Hills was the main cause behind the formation of this stone. This lightening started a fire in the surrounding grasslands. After the fire was cooled off, the Masai herders returned to that area and found glittering blue stones on the ground.

A Portuguese geologist, De Souza was travelling through Tanzania and discovered that the stones are composed of Ziosite and tried replicating it. By 70’s Tiffany and Co.’s president Henry Platt gained possession over it and started using it in jewelry. They were the exclusive marketers of this stone initially. Platt declared Tanzanite to be ‘the most beautiful gemstone to be discovered in 2000 years.’

However, several small dealers have now acquired licenses from the Tanzanian government for mining and supplying this stone legally. Its limited availability has allowed only 150 miners to acquire that license. This is the reason why this stone is considered 1000 times more rare and precious than diamonds.

The supply of this precious blue stone is supposed to extend for another 20 years and in case the production comes to an end, the stone’s value will increase significantly.

A Radiant Stone!

Tanzanite has trichroic nature, which means that it radiates different colors at different angles. For example, when viewed in sunlight, it shows normal blue tone but in earlier and later parts of the day you can observe red, yellow and purple hues that give the overall stone a purple color. When subjected to candlelight and light bulbs, the stone emits a pleasant burgundy color with brownish tones. In halogen spotlights it radiates purple color and in fluorescent lights the blue color appears at strength. Due to its radiant blue color it is often mistaken for Kashmir Sapphire; however, it is comparatively less expensive than Sapphire.

The pure blue stone is considered the most valuable and is extremely expensive. Occasionally pink or green Tanzanites are found in the market too and are sold without artificial heat treatment. Faceted Tanzanites available in the market are free of inclusions. The inclusions are cut out from the stone to prevent the formation of fissures during the heating process.

Physical Healing Properties

Tanzanite is known for strengthening immune system, stimulating regeneration of cells, detoxifying blood, improving vitality, treating psychological problems, anxiety, stress, relieving headaches, curing chronic alcoholism, and for protection against medical side effects and surgical interventions. Its crystals can also be used for treating pancreas, spleen and heart problems. It is an excellent detoxifying agent, and reduces over acidification and inflammation.

Tanzanite is also known for increasing fertility in women and treating diseases related to ovaries and testicles. It is believed that wearing this stone for long time periods in a way that it stays in contact with skin, can cure headaches, migraine and alcoholism.

Chakra Healing Energy

teal tanzanite meaningThe healing energy of Tanzanite is capable of aligning Throat chakra and Brow chakra, also known as the third eye. An unbalanced or blocked throat chakra can cause health issues and misbalance other chakras as well. This gemstone will balance that chakra and you can experience balanced energy in body and soul.

On the contrary, the third eye is basically the center of our existence. It governs our consciousness and helps us in interpreting our thoughts with respect to our perception exclusively. It is the code breaker, pattern maker and the seat of understanding in our body.

If you use this stone in combination with Golden Selenite and Azurite, the healing energy of these stones will enable you to conquer your subconscious part of the mind and motivate you to achieve positivity in your mental, emotional and physical behavior.

Spiritual Energy And Meanings

Tanzanite is a very powerful stone in terms of spiritual energy. It is a dispeller unifier crystal, which means that it has sharp corners that can regulate the flow of energy. This precious stone is capable of stimulating pineal gland, which in turn helps in establishing connection between your conscious mind and the universe existing beyond the three dimensional reality. Its color shifting properties are known to emit high vibrational energy that promotes the before-mentioned connection.

It is said that this stone will make you capable of connecting with the higher state of consciousness, which means that it will enable you to decipher the real ‘self,’ explore the depth of your existence and extend beyond the limiting beliefs of the society to emerge as a confident person with tremendous control over oneself.

People often find it difficult to intercept what they want from life, their deepest desires and the divine purpose. This stone will help you to look beyond the boundaries and limitations, and answer the inner callings of your heart.

Wearing this stone on the area around the heart can help you in transiting into the meditative state of altered consciousness. Moreover, drinking an elixir of this precious stone is believed to enhance the divine characteristics.

Tanzanite is dedicated to the Greek goddess of war and wisdom, Athena. She is highly praised for her high intellect, strategic thinking and fighting skills. In addition to that, all violet and indigo crystals are associated with the goddess of wisdom, Sophia.

Feng Shui

symbolism of blue jewelsDue to its calm blue color, the stone is associated with the water energy which corresponds to the qualities of purification, inner strength and stillness. The water element is the force of the circle of life. It attracts rebirth and regeneration. Its crystals should be placed in the rooms where people crave peace and calmness such as prayer rooms. It is best to place Tanzanite crystals in the north area of the home, because the water element reacts best in that direction.

In addition to peace and calmness, the water energy is also associated with life path and career. Therefore, placing its crystals in your workplace is believed to enhance productivity and reduce work pressure in workaholics.


Due to Tanzanite’s immense popularity this stone was declared a birthstone in December, 2002 by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). It is one of the three birthstones of December, the zodiac birthstone of Arties and Pisces and the natural birthstone of the people born in spring i.e. from February 19 to March 19. Although violet colored stones are also considered natural birthstone of those born right after the winter solstice i.e. from December 21 to January 19.

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