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Topaz makes an ideal gemstone, popular and well-liked for it abundance and affordability. Most often, topaz is found in amber color. In its purest form, topaz is colorless. The yellow hue is a result of addition of impurities which can vary in quantity.

The colors of topaz can vary from white, wine, yellow, gold, pale gray, reddish-yellow, reddish-orange, pink (rare), purple, blue, blue brown, pale green, or opaque to transparent/translucent. The most desirable form of the gemstone is the Imperial Topaz, a brown stone with peach undertones. The value of topaz increases with intensity in color in shades of orange and red.


Most historical evidence suggests that the stone gets its name from Topazos, old Greek name of a small island in Red Sea, where the Romans found a stone they named so. In other documentations, the term topaz is derived from the Sanskrit language, and has an implication of “fire.”

The Greeks and Romans highly valued topaz as a gemstone. In medieval times, small wine-yellow Saxonian Topaz was discovered at Schneckenstein in the Erzgebirge Mountains of Saxony Germany, and many rulers wore these stones in jewelry. Later, from 1737 to 1800, deep mining was used at the site to extract topaz. Discovery of large deposits of topaz was made in Brazil in the mid 19th century.

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In 1740, the Braganza diamond, a 1,680 carats stone, was discovered in Brazil. Esteemed as the largest diamond to be ever discovered, it was encrusted in the Portuguese crown. However, it was later discovered that the stone was not a diamond but a colorless topaz instead.

According to Egyptian practices, topaz is the symbol of Ra, the Sun god, who was the giver of life. In Europe, topaz became strongly associated with Apollo, who is also a solar being.

Many noteworthy historical figures owned topaz. It was presented to those of high status, chiefly because topaz was associated with bringing wisdom and knowledge. Many kings, queens, monarchs and ambassadors owned the gemstone. Topaz was one of the twelve breastplate stones selected by Aaron, referred to in the Book of Exodus. Aaron placed the stone 2nd in the first row of stones. Topaz is also mentioned as one of the stones in Revelation and is also one of the stones of the apocalypse.

The royal crown of England is encrusted with nearly five hundred topaz stones.


Topaz is a gemstone that is extracted from many sites throughout the world. Brazil remains the chiefly largest mining site of topaz till date. Russia and Pakistan come next in the mining sites for topaz. Other countries where topaz is mined on a regular basis include Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Japan, Germany, Italy, Mexico and the US. Although colorless and light brown varieties of topaz are most commonly found in these locations, there are sites which might often produce colored varieties of topaz.


Topaz shapes in pegmatites as well as high temperature quartz veins. It is deposited in rocks of rhyolite composition by fluorine-rich vapors and shapes in cavities in granites and rhyolites. Topaz is produced when the elements, mainly aluminum and fluorine, which are deposited within the Earth’s crust, undergo crystallization in final stages of solidification of igneous rocks.


Topaz is composed of aluminum, fluoride and silicon. Scientifically it is a fluorosilicate and comes in a variety of many different colors, typically due to small amount of trace elements that are present in it.

Topaz stones can be heated to give you a specific color like pure pink or deep blue. Intense heat, even that of sunlight, can dissipate the color of the stone.

Topaz is also a pleochroic gemstone – meaning it can exhibit varying color intensity when viewed at different angles in light.

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Metaphysical Properties And Meanings

Topaz has many benefits when it comes to improving physical health. It is believed to regulate the spinal column and help stabilize and control the action of the heart.

Topaz has been used for years to heal bleeding and is also thought to improve health of the various glands of the body. In olden times, topaz was believed to be able to actually soak up the heat of a fever. It has also long been thought to relieve the inflammations, discomfort and pain associated with arthritis.

Topaz is believed to treat:

– Infections
– Tonsillitis
– Deafness
– Goiter
– Hemorrhage
– Whopping cough
– Nightmares
– Anorexia

Use of topaz stone is highly recommended for those who seek to improve their eyesight. It helps in achieving better digestion, revitalizing the sense of taste, stimulating metabolism and more.

Topaz is particularly beneficial to artists as it boosts creativity and appreciation of beauty. It is believed to empower the wearer to see the larger picture and intricate details, and find the correlation between the two.

Emotionally, topaz is very effective in treating depression. It helps the wearer combat their fears, and treats psychosomatic illnesses. Wearer of topaz finds a balance in emotions and helps to overcome shock or trauma. Topaz can inspire a person to uphold a brighter outlook on life.

Topaz has been praised to help people live by their own aspirations and fulfill their own wishes. It aids in discovering the internal sources of emotional nourishment and fulfillment leading to a more productive life.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial topaz is the most superior form of the stone. It is used to promote self realization in the wearer and boost confidence. The wearer of imperial topaz will be protected from evil, envy, magic, bad dreams, disease or sudden death. The stone is believed to impart strength and courage and provide a calming effect to outrage of emotions. Imperial topaz brings love to its wearer along with wealth and prosperity.

For physical well being, this stone stimulates the appetite, eases nervous exhaustion and promotes better metabolism. It regulates the liver, gallbladder and endocrine glands.

Imperial topaz is associated with the 23rd anniversary.

Blue Topaz

loose blue topaz

Blue topaz is particularly helpful for people who have anger management issues. The stone helps to relieve anger and aids in realization of one’s emotions and bringing them to the surface. Blue topaz helps the wearer to express themselves and communicate their feelings and emotions in a better way.

The stone is believed to give a clear vision of life and bring a sense of inner peace. The wearer of blue topaz will be able to realize his goals and aspirations in life and will be motivated to live by them and achieve them. It is beneficial for writers who might be experiencing writer’s block as blue topaz fosters creativity and inspiration.

Blue Topaz is associated with the 4th anniversary.


Like other crystallized stones, topaz is assessed for cut, color and clarity. The stone is known to be found pieces in few inclusions. Therefore, you can find exceptionally large loose topaz stones of 3-4 carats for rings and pendants.

The highest quality topaz stones tend to be priced at about $500 per carat. Stones larger than 2-3 carats have a higher per carat price. Imperial stones of superior quality may be priced considerably higher, and may be found at about $1,000 per carat.


Topaz is the birthstone of November, and is associated to the astrological sign of Sagittarius. The Imperial Topaz is associated with royalty and is the traditional gift for celebrating 23rd wedding anniversaries.

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