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Jewel Of The Nile is an online resource designed specifically for gemstone buyers. Whether you are new or had prior experience, we strive to become the website that provides you with up to date and accurate information.

John Dawson is the main author behind many of the articles you see on JewelOfTheNile.org. He had undergone gemological training at GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and hopes to share his knowledge and experience to help everyday people make smart decisions in gem buying.

Every recommendation that you find on this website has been cautiously reviewed. Be it online vendors or physical products, quality is of utmost importance. To put things short, we only recommend stuff that we ourselves would buy or recommend to our own friends.

The article topics that we write have been carefully selected to cater towards the needs of the majority of shoppers. However, due to the vast amount of gemstone types available, we may not be able to provide information on some of the lesser known stones due to resource constraints.

If you are seeking information on a particular gemstone that isn’t listed on our website, feel free to make a request of it via email. We take feedback seriously and may create an article for that if there are enough requests.

Whether you are looking for simple tips to maintaining a piece of jewelry or spending thousands of dollars on a potential purchase, we pride ourselves to offering FREE personal advice to answering any questions or doubts you may have. Getting answers to your burning questions is as simple as dropping us an email or leaving a comment.

If you would like to contribute your knowledge to building the best gemstone user database online with your own articles or tips, we welcome you to contact us for more details.